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Attorney Recruitment

The Attorney Recruitment Branch works to expand our attorney network and communicate effectively with our attorney volunteers. 


Jacqueline Davis 

Director of Attorney Recruitment 

Jacqueline Davis is a Senior at Alamo Heights High School in San Antonio, Texas. As the daughter of a personal injury lawyer, she understands the urgency and necessity of legal aid. Jacqueline is really thankful for this opportunity to help others receive the assistance and justice they deserve.


Luz Elena Chapa

Assistant Director of Attorney Recruitment

Luz Elena Chapa is a sophomore at Saint Mary’s Hall in San Antonio, Texas. As the daughter of a personal injury attorney and an appellate judge, she comprehends the need for legal aid assistance in her community. She wants to help in any way that she can because this issue is becoming more apparent day by day. She is so thankful that Shilpa invited her to join this vital movement, and she cannot wait to start making a dent in fixing this problem.

Agents of Attorney Recruitment 

LLP photo.jpeg

Olivia Zachry 

Olivia Zachry is a senior at Saint Mary's Hall in San Antonio, Texas. While volunteering with various nonprofits, Olivia has seen the need in her community, and as the daughter of a former attorney/law professor, she has seen how the justice system works and the importance of being able to afford legal aid. Olivia is so thankful that Shilpa gave her the opportunity to be a part of this organization to
make a difference and serve her community.

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