Who We Are:

Legal Legacy Project, Inc. a student-run organization, serving as an intermediary between volunteer lawyers or law firms and individuals seeking legal aid. We are dedicated to bringing together San Antonio's legal community to assist families and individuals in their legal needs.

We take special care to train younger students to take over the reins. As of now, we have student-leaders lined up to continue our work until 2024 and beyond. 


Our Legacy


Shilpa Gunuganti


Shilpa Gunuganti is a rising sophomore at Harvard University. In her time volunteering at nonprofits such as RAICES and Thrive, Shilpa has seen first-hand her community's financial obstacles in acquiring legal advice and assistance. To appropriately address this systemic issue, she set out to form Legal Legacy Project Inc., seeking to mobilize students, individual attorneys, and law firms with the ultimate goal of providing legal aid at no cost to every individual in need. 

Executive Board

Kathleen Benson

Executive Director

Kathleen Benson is a senior at Saint Mary’s Hall in San Antonio, Texas, and this will be her third year serving on LLP's Executive Board. With two attorneys as parents, she has been familiar with the justice system her entire life. However, it was not until she began her volunteer work at the Migrant Resource Center and Sueños Sin Fronteras de Tejas, organizations that work to provide resources to refugees and asylum-seeking families, that she was exposed to the gap in that system for those most in need. She looks forward to embarking on another year with LLP as it fights to combat this gap and serve the community that she loves.

Lara Weissmann

Lara Weissmann is a senior at Saint Mary’s Hall. She was so excited to be invited to join Legal Legacy project because of how clearly important the goal of this organization was. Growing up with two attorneys as parents, she is familiar with the justice system. She realized how many people need help because she grew up in a town where many of her friends' families needed legal help involving deportation cases and weren’t able to afford it. She looks forward to working in LLP and serving the extended community of San Antonio in crucial ways.

Branches of Leadership 

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All four student-led branches are vital to the inner workings of the organization.


Assistant Executive Director